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Do try this at home! It isn’t easy being green, but Kristen Bell has the eco-friendly lifestyle down to a science. The actress, 34, spoke to Us Weekly about all the natural lifestyle changes she has implemented — including how she’ll tend to her post-summer dry skin and fix her own at-home beauty treatments. According to the Neutrogena Naturals spokesperson, an earth-conscious way of thinking was ingrained in her from

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When it comes to fitness, Kristen Bell keeps it in the family. “My go-to workout is usually hiking,” Bell, 33, told PEOPLE at the American Express Epic EveryDay Getaway with Soul Cycle in New York on Friday. And while the actress does a lot of hiking with friends, her cutest exercise companion is 15-month-old daughter Lincoln. “I often will strap the baby to my chest for the hike,” Bell says.

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Disney’s “Frozen” has made its mark as the highest grossing animated film of all time, and according to star Kristen Bell, that isn’t the only way the big screen cartoon has set itself apart — it stands out for the way it tackles the tough topic of love, too. “It’s about the love of family, and also a really nice tip of the hat to … ok, all of the

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After conquering Kickstarter, the “Veronica Mars” star sets her sights on celebrity photographers. ABC Entertainment News | ABC Business News

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By now you guys have heard the incredible story of how Veronica Mars, the movie, came to be, but when Kristen Bell and I sat down to chat last month, I wanted to dig deeper. So I enlisted our own super fan Nikki Ogunnaike to come up with questions that Kristen has never answered before. And you know what? Based on the amount of times Kristen responded, “Wow! I’ve never

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Kristen Bell was a guest on HuffPost Live on March 10th and you can watch her interview below!

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Motherhood suits Kristen Bell, 33, who’s back on the big screen as Veronica Mars on March 14 in a titular film version of her canceled-too-soon TV series. “Since having a baby, I think I come across as more maternal,” says Bell, whose daughter Lincoln, with husband Dax Shepard, turns 1 on March 28. “I have a sense of calm because she’s so fulfilling. I don’t want to say I lost

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